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Welcome to the Owen Sound Karate Club! There is lots of information here about our classes, our style of karate, and upcoming events and announcements.  Take a look around - better yet, come on out and join us!

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Our Head Senseis

Sensei Bill Farrar
Sensai Bill.png

In the fall of 1980 my family and I moved to Meaford to be closer to work. I looked in the local flyer for evening courses and saw Karate. I started training with sensei's Frank Robinson and Chris Maitland and got to be a blue belt.


We moved back to Owen Sound and I spent the next few years in Kung Fu training with Bob Robins and Goju Ryu with Don Meech. A chance meeting with Gerry Griff brought me back to train in Meaford where I eventually obtained my Shodan.

Yondan - 4th Degree Black Belt

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Sensei John Kirby
Sensei John 2.jpg

Previously an avid runner and racer, John became a karate student at the age of 50 - the oldest karate student in the club at the time!  


John worked hard at his karate training and was rewarded with his first degree black belt in 2000 at the age of 54, and took home the award for Outstanding Male Competitor at the National Fall Tournament that year.  

Over the next 18 years, John's dedication to the discipline of karate saw him through 3 more black belt degrees, and he was awarded his 4th degree black belt in the fall of 2016.  

Yondan - 4th Degree Black Belt

Our other amazing senseis

Brock Wilkins - Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt)

Reg Shaw - Nidan 

Brad Robertson - Shodan (1st degree Black Belt)

Trevor Shaw - Shodan

Bill Courage - Shodan

Stephan Sadikian - Shodan

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