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Our History

The first dojo was in the basement of the McKay building on 2nd Ave East. The first ranking was held in January or February of 1997. Shihan Kei Tsumura traveled from Toronto to the new club’s first ranking. A small group of adult white belts tested to advance to yellow.  


It was not long after that first ranking that the club moved to Sheila Milne’s Dance studio on the second floor of the Hewitt and Milne building at the corner of 3rd Avenue East and 8th Street. The dance studio provided an ideal facility for karate training. The club grew and prospered at this new location. Daniel Burbank was awarded his shodan and joined Bill Farrar and Cathy Morrison as a black belt instructor. 


In 1999 the club moved to a storefront location on 2nd Avenue East. In addition to karate, kendo, tai chi and other martial arts used the location.  In the fall of 2000, John Kirby, one of the original students from the 1996 opening days was awarded his Shodan and started helping with the instruction. 


In  2002,  the club moved to its present location at St Basil’s Elementary School.  Bill Farrar and John Kirby continued the instruction.

The club was incorporated on February 25th2003 as a not for profit organization and has operated as the Owen Sound Nihon Itosu Kai Karate Club Inc. since then under the leadership of Bill Farrar and John Kirby.

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